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There is this.
It's a "Let's Play" video series that Daniel and I are working on.
And by "working on," I mean having a sweet ass time playing some old (And at some point, new) video games.
It's like you're sitting on the couch beside us, enjoying all the fun as well!
So, please, link, comment, subscribe.
Hopefully you like it. I know I do.

Also, some fun facts about that video!
I drew that image of Daniel and myself specifically for the series. So yeah, we've been working on it since September.
The intro was done on the final use of my Flash CS6 trial. It stayed open for about 48 hours, (SUCKERS! I got two extra days!) and survived two power outages before it finally was finished.
I went and saw Wreck-It Ralph last week, and you should, too. It has nothing to do with the videos, I've been telling everybody to do it recently.
samuelskanvis Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
haha, nicely done my friend! Good little intro you have there :D

Can't wait for Wreck-It Ralph to be released over here, it does look good!
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